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We are learning about the planets in our solar system.
There used to be 9 planets, but scientists decided that Pluto was too small to be counted.
Now it is classified as a dwarf planet.
See can you name all the others; remember the sentence
My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets!
Did you know that the Evening Star is actually Mercury?
A group star tomorrow for any pupil who has learned a little about the Hubble Space telescope!
Check out the website we looked at today for information.


aisling said...

i love learning about the planets

cian(R) said...

I am doing my project at home

aisling said...

happy birthday Miss wynne from aisling your the best teacher ever

5th and 6th class and Mrs White said...

You are learning very interesting things in your class. Our class is working on the Discover Science Award this year but we want to include work from other classes too. Would you let us include your work on the planets and stars?

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