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Hi boys and girls!
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and Santy came!
Saturday is New Year's Day and is the start of 2011.
Enjoy the rest of your holidays and see you in the new year!

Christmas Walk

On Tuesday, we went for a walk on Gallligan's lane.
It looked very different than our autumn walk!
It was very cold, but we wrapped up nice and warm!
The lane and the trees were beautiful in the snow.
We took lots of photos.
When we got back to class we were really cold, so Siobhan made us hot chocolate with marshmallows!

Christmas Art

The boys and girls in 2nd class were very busy making Christmas crafts.
Pomanders from oranges and cloves will give a lovely Christmas smell at home when they are hung up.
Each group made a pinata snowman from papier mache, and we raffled it to see who got to keep it.
They get to hang it up and hit it until it smashes!
There are lots of lovely treats inside for the lucky winner.

Saint Vincent de Paul

Boys and girls, I hope you all remember that the selection boxes and goodies for hampers have to be in tomorrow.
Christmas is a very special time for families, so lets give at this special time!

Snow Day!

Hi boys and girls, I hope you are all enjoying your snow day! If you make a snowman, why don't you take a photo and bring it in next week?
Have a look at the website we talked about on Wednesday and Thursday, about recognising and looking after the birds in winter.
If you can, leave out some breadcrumbs or chopped apple for garden birds to eat!
Birdwatch Ireland