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Food Dudes

At Killygarry N.S we encourage children to eat healthily.
Several years ago we ran a very successful Food Dudes programme, where pupils recieved portions of fruit and vegetables daily.
We are reintroducing this programme for the younger classes. This will commence next Monday.
Senior pupils will help organise and implement the programme, as well as setting a good example by continuing to eat fruit and veg each day.
Have a look at the website for information, ideas for lunchboxes as well as games for little ones!


Earth Day

Earth Day is being celebrated globally on Sunday 22nd April.
It is an opportunity for us all to examine how our lifestyle and behaviour impacts on the envoironment.
At Killygarry N.S, we are celebrating Earth Day on Friday 20th.
Every teacher has signed up to "Earth Hour", where all electrical devices will be turned off for the duration.
We will be planting a hazel tree given to us by Orla in 5th class.
We will also be planting flowers and shrubs that will attract birds, bees and butterflies to our garden.
5th and 6th class pupils will be visiting classrooms to talk to the children about how they can make a difference at home and at school.
We will have a cakesale to raise some funds to buy birdseed to encourage garden birds also.
We hope it will be an informative and enjoyable day!

Look at the official website to find out more

Photos and reviews of the day to follow....


We have our nestbox ready to go again this year, and today we got to see a blue tit checking out its potential as a nesting site.

We really hope she chooses it!
Check out the link above to see how we fared last year.

Spelling Bee

Adam will compete tomorrow in the first round of the Easons Spelling Bee competition.
Some staff and supporters will accompany him to the contest.
For an example of the kinds of words he is looking at, check out the weblink  for Spell It in the Interesting Websites section of this blog.
He has been practicing very hard and we wish him luck tomorrow!