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Happy Easter

To all the boys and girls, have a very happy Easter!
Enjoy the break and the good weather.....

Sight Reading

6th class, for your Speech and Drama exam, prepare by reading some of these amusing poems.
Think about the mood of the poem and try to show that in your tone. You may choose to put emphasis on certain words or phrases.
Read the poem aloud; poetry was written to be spoken and listened to.


Money money money

Jake brought in this question today!
Have a's a good one, thanks Jake

You see a €97 jumper, but you haven’t any cash.
You borrow €50 from your mum and €50 from your dad; now you have €100. You buy the jumper and get €3 change. You then decide to give your mum €1, and €1 to your dad and keep €1 for yourself. You now owe your mum and dad €49 each.
€49 +€49 = € 98
€98 plus the €1 you are keeping for yourself = €99
Where is the missing €1 ?

Send in your answers asap :)

Speech and Drama

To prepare for your Speech and Drama exam next Friday, revise the "elements of good speech".
Try to explain each clearly in your own words.
Listen to yourself talking. 
Do you use "thinking sounds"? em, ah, eh, etc
Do you speak fluently without saying words "like, thingy, what do you call it" etc 
Practice your solo and remember to include actions.
Practice your poem and remember to pause at commas, colons and full stops.
Also remember to show vocal variety i.e tone, pace.
Ask someone at home to record you so you can see what the examiner will see on the day.


Man in the mirror....

As part of the "you shall be my witness" programme, 6th class have been asked to write about a famous person that inspired them. We have talked in class previously about Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.
Some other people named were Mother Teresa and Mahatma Ghandi.

He is quoted as saying
"Be the change you want to see in the world"

Michael Jackson used the same theme in his song "man in the mirror".
Look at this video to listen to the song with the lyrics.

Are there any other people that have inspired you?
Can you think of any other songs that have messages for us all?