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Killygarry evacuees

We have been learning about WW2 and how it affected children.
Many city children were sent to the countryside where it was quieter and safer.
They were only allowed a few items, so we decided to have a go at packing a pillowcase full of what we decided were essential!
James and Ryan are our first pair of evacuees, being sent to Dingle Co. Kerry.

Ryan 6th 
 Today we are being evacuated to Dingle Kerry we are only allowed to bring 10 things.  I brought a pillow, swim togs, t-shirt, shorts, lynx ,$30, coat, Croke park tickets and American football jersey. I brought the pillow because it’s my favourite pillow. I brought the swim togs in case I go to a rich house. I brought lynx so that I don’t get stinky. I brought the rest for memories.
   James 6th

A pillow : to sleep on and so I wouldn’t have to sleep on the ground. A hoodie: to keep me warm and in case its cold and so I wouldn’t get wet.  I brought money because in case there is a shop and in case I have to buy clothes.  I brought a pair of trousers because it could be cold and wet.  I brought a photo of me because I will remember it if I have to stay there for a long time. I brought lynx in case I get smelly and dirty. I brought a can of beans in case I get hungry or I starve. I brought a jersey in case its warm. I brought a book in case I get bored. I brought a cap in case its hot and the sun gets into my eyes.  I brought sunglasses the sun gets into my eyes and the sun gets to strong.
I am being evacuated to Dingle in Kerry I brought in everything I need my pillow case has to weigh less 10kg. Mine weighed 9.5KG some of the things I had in it was a jumper, two t-shirts , tracksuit bottoms, shorts shampoo, toilet roll, germoline, tooth brush, tooth paste, a dictionary , food like soup and spaghetti , sunglasses and money.... GOODBYE I WILL MISS YOU ALL!!!!<3

I brought a pillow case and I have stuff in it to bring to with me. I have two pair of threshers I brought this because if it is cold, Liverpool jeanery I brought this because I have a good memory from the time I got it, apple I brought this in case I get hungry, pictures because I have best friends I think, two pairs of socks, Liverpool teddy because it was a Christmas present, Michael Jackson because I had them since I was a baby, Liverpool coat because it was a birthday present, Cavan and a white jumper because the Cavan jumper was a present and the white was given to me,  t-shirt because I like the top.
                                  By Chloe

I brought in my things and they were lots of books, a teddy, clothes, pictures, notebook and pen, cards, scissors, shoes, jacket and a pillow.I brought in all these things to keep me company and to remind me of my family. I brought in my jacket to keep me dry. I brought in my clothes to keep me fresh and clean.  
                                                      Paul 6th
Today I brought in stuff pretending I was a wartime evacuee. All of my stuff together weighed 7.5 kg. I brought in a board game, a bottle of water, an apple, some clothes, binoculars, a torch, some magazines and a pair of socks. We are all going off to Dingle. It all had to fit in a pillow case and it had to be under 10 kg. I really enjoyed collecting stuff and showing them to the school.
am being evacuated to dingle so I thought I would bring  1  pair of  socks 2  t –shirts and 1 jacket for cloths for food I brought some cookies some bread and a bit of cake and also I brought  some fun entertainment I brought some lego and a lego car to play with and  I brought some bandages to  use  if  I get hurt and I brought some money to buy some more food and drink and more cloths if the one s  I bring get to small for me or the ones I bring  get to small for me and  a bag to bring my stuff around with me or bring the food home and  I  brought paper I can by a pen and a lot of colours to send a message  home or to write to my friends and would have brought my passport  to go and visit my friends and to go and see my parents
Christopher  6th

I am being evacuated to Dingle Co.Kerry. I brought my stuff in today in a pillow case. I brought in my two teddies (Ratty and Tifon). I also brought in an apple to eat and a plastic cup to have a drink if I needed to. I brought my favourite book of course The Argos Catalogue :) .  I  brought a toothbrush to brush my teeth. I brought some clothing in a Hat, gloves and a scarf. The last thing I brought is a copy and a pencil.


We were evacuated to dingle in Kerry  we are very happy I brought 2 pairs of pants, something to wear on my legs ,two pairs of tops so I can were my clothes ,socks my feet not to be cold ,sleeping clothes when I go to sleep I’ll wear it ,food to eat ,and a pillow something to sleep on.

We were all reading about World War 2, when we started debating on what we could and could not bring if we’re World War 2 evacuees. Ms Wynne said next week we could bring in some stuff that we would bring with us if we’re World War 2 evacuees, but that it had to be less than 10kg! When it was my turn to bring in a few things I brought in.Pyjamas for bed. A can of sweetcorn because it takes 2 years for it to go out of date. Leggings to wear and if it’s cold during the night I can wear them as well. a copy to write to home with. A jumper encase its cold. A pen to write to my parents with. A t-shirt in case one day it’s warm. A spoon to eat my sweetcorn with. A tracksuit to keep me warm. A spare pair of shoes if my other ones wear out. Money for emergencies .toiletry bag with soap hand gel toilet roll plasters and lots more.


Kornelia 6th
We were evacuated to Dingle, Kerry. We could only bring 10kg in our pillow case. The things I brought are:
Toiletry bag: to keep my hygienic stuff in and a towel
Diary: to write about my day and write letters to my family +envelopes
Spare clothes and shoes: to have a spare change
Teddy and a book: to keep me company and not be bored
Food and water: not to starve
Fork, knife, spoon and plates: to have something to eat with
Coat: not to be cold
Hat: to keep my heat (most heat escapes through your head)

I’m being evacuated to Dingle, Kerry and I brought in everything I thought I needed for the trip. It all had to fit into a pillow case and be at most 10kg. Mine was 15kg! So I had to put my clothes and anything I could put on. I had a vest, a t-shirt a hoodie, a rain jacket, a pair of shorts,  pyjamas, big shoes, a towel round my waist, a swimsuit round my neck, socks on my hands and a face cloth on one, a little onezie  and a box under my hat and sunglasses! I also had a photo album, a big book, a penknife, a mini football, notebooks, a pencil case, colours, glue, a teddy and a soap bag. In the soap bag I had midge repellent, first aid cream, toothbrush and toothpaste and a hair brush. I eventually got my pillow case down to exactly 10kg and then headed off to Kerry! BYE!

                          Oisin 6th
Today I am being evacuated to dingle in Kerry, we had to bring things we wanted to bring with us  and fit it all in a pillow case ,it had to weigh less than 10kg mine was 9.5kg and this is what I brought.
CLOTHES: to wear when I am away.
SHOES: to wear when the ones I wear up to Dingle wear out.
A FOOTBALL: to play with when I am bored.
BOOK, CARDS, FOOTBALL BOOTS: to wear when it’s wet.
FIRST AID KIT: to look after myself if I get injured.
TOILITRIES: toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo  to keep clean.
FLASHLIGHT: to use at night if I am walking or other things.
AN APPLE: to eat when I’m hungry.

We all are being evacuated  to Dingle in Kerry we are being sent to live with a family we don’t know out in the countryside. We had to pack a pillowcase .The pillowcase had to weigh less then 10kg. My list of stuff I brought is two jerseys a toiletry bag with my toothbrush soap and toothpaste and a tracksuit a spare pair of runners a pair of shorts a tennis ball a book and a teddy I am going now to Kerry goodbye
David 6th