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6th class as you've never seen them before!

Happy Hallowe'en!

As we get our mid-term holidays tomorrow, we will start by celebrating Hallowe'en!
Pupils will dress up to scare and surprise each other.
We will be playing some traditional Hallowe'en games, and hearing about other customs.
Have a look at this link to get a head-start!

String art complete!

Shopping around

To find out how "green" your favourite brands are, have a look at this website which examines company practices. 
They give all brands a score consisting of the three themes of environment, climate and working conditions.
Note: it is a Dutch website so when a pop-up at the top of the page asks if you want it translated, you can click yes.

fairwear and made-by are websites that list some clothing and footwear brands that insist upon safe working conditions, fair wages and no child labour.  

fairfood looks at food production issues around the world.

ethicaltrade is a website that lists ethical companies.

fairtrade is an internationally recognised organisation that uses its distinctive logo to inform shoppers that the product complies with fairtrade standards. lists products and brands we all know. 

Look out for it next time you hit the shops!

Hedgerow goodness...

Rosehips are plentiful in hedges at this time of year.
They are packed full of vitamin C and were used as a healthy treat years ago.
We made rosehip syrup today.
Have a look to see how we made it, instructions will follow tomorrow!

First we mashed up the rosehips and we added cloves and cinnamon and water and then we boiled it for 20 minutes.

Then we got the liquid out of it and added sugar.
We boiled and simmered this.

During World War 2 while there was a lack of vitamin C rich foods, the government sent out notices to the people telling them to go out and pick rosehips. They are little red berries that are full of vitamin c, approximately 20 times more than an orange!