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Music workshop

Many thanks to Ms. King and her students from the Cavan Institute who visited us last week.
They had prepared lots of fun activities for us, including singing 3 songs on top of each other.
We sang  "Swing Low" in an English accent.
We made up a rap about school and what we do and then put it all together; it sounded really good!
Ms. King brought in music playing devices throughout the ages; starting with a wind-up gramophone. It was interesting to hear how it would speed up and slow down, changing the sound of the man's voice.
Then there was a record player which had a needle with picked up the sound off the record. We listened to The Strypes on the record player. After that, a cassette player for playing tapes, a CD player and finally the smallest and most powerful of all players, a modern iPod which can hold thousands of songs in a tiny device.
We took out our ukuleles and kazoos to play along with the students on "Rip Tide".