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My "lovely" class!!

Christmas shoeboxes

St. Brigid's N.S Killygarry has always encouraged children to think of those less-fortunate than themselves and as always, the children respond amazingly well.
The shoeboxes are a long tradition where children send toys, toiletries and small items of clothing to children in developing countries.
This year, as well as the usual shoebox, 6th class are collecting to help homeless children in Dublin. Ask any of the boys and girls in 6th for more details.

Lego challenges!

6th class are using lego in all sorts of ways lately! They get challenge cards or instructions from teacher that they must follow...Have a look at what they have made so far!


I made a cardboard toy car game.You pull a toy car using sting.I used cardboard box as the roof and floor.I use wooden sticks as the finish line.I used a duct tape to keep up the roof.I cut off some 
cardboard so you can pull the string through the path.Up to 6 people can play.

NASA egg drop

the boys and girls were challenged to plan, make and test a stellar drop survival kit. They had to work collaboratively in effective teams.
The successful missions were those that didn't "crack up" under pressure!!