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Rosary Beads

 Sofia's mother teaches in the Polish school and the pupils made their own sets of rosary beads. Sofia brought in some to show us today!



Space Oddity

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield singing David Bowie in space.

Norah Patten

 On Thursday, we joined a Zoom talk given by scientist and astronaut, Norah Patten. Norah is from Mayo.

Norah Patten was 11 years of age when she visited NASA on a family trip to the United States. From that moment on she was hooked on all things space! Norah was on a mission: she wanted to learn everything she possibly could about space exploration, rockets, and how she could someday become an astronaut.

4th class had plenty of questions about space and we have been finding out more information since this talk. We might just have a Cavan astronaut in the making in our room!

Have a look at this website from the European Space Agency which has videos on how astronauts eat, sleep etc. in space.

Optical illusions

optical illusions 

We have been looking at optical illusions in class.

Follow this link to experiment with some!

Here is a little experiment to prove that light travels in straight lines.

Arty 4th class!

 4th class love to draw, paint and craft.

Here, Shania, Reem, Zlata and Emma show us what they have been working on. 

Beautiful work, girls!