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Cormac's Titanic model!

Look at this model of the Titanic that Cormac made. He put wonderful detail into this, great job Cormac!

work for this week

June 2nd -5th
Spellings: revise weeks 13-15
Tables: revise all
Knowing your tables is essential in maths, it is expected that 5th class children know them very well so spend some time on them daily.
Reading: 20 mins daily: please take the quiz when you have finished your book
you can also do non-fiction articles on the Renaissance website  
 Busy at Maths p.174 (review page)
Mental Maths: 1 test daily
English in Practice: 1 test per day
Please use your dictionary for any words you do not know
Scéal “ag róthaíocht: listen to me reading it. 
Scríobh: p.35
Duolingo: 50 xp target set for Friday

Brianna and Aisling are "Wicked"!

Killygarry in flight!

Enda's grandfather took this picture of a moth in Kildare, he calls it the Killygarry butterfly!

After some research, Enda's mother discovered that it is a cinnabar moth.
One of the differences between moths and butterflies is that butterflies are generally diurnal (active in the daytime) and moths are nocturnal (active at night) but of course there are exceptions and some butterflies fly late and most moths fly in the daytime! 
Have a look at this link to learn more, 
Thanks to Enda, his mammy and granddad!

Aisling is Wicked!!

Aisling and her older sister Brianna entered a costume competition with Bord Gais where you had to dress up as a character from a musical.
They dressed up as characters from "Wicked" and found out this morning that they won!
They now have a year-long family pass to every musical, and to top it off, they will be on Ireland A.M tomorrow morning at 8.30a.m.

Aisling says: "we made the backdrop by getting a tablecloth and painted a clock on, then with paper we made buildings. For my costume we got an old skirt and old top and then put on pieces of black crepe paper and then added some different colours of paint.  We made small paper fans for the top and used strips of crepe paper then we made a witch out of card and we had a broom stick in the house that we used. Finally for the cape we used a bin bag. For my sister's costume she wore a blue dress that my mother wore for our uncle's wedding. We then added on some sleeves of tuile which we got from an old dress-up costume, then we had to get a wig for Brianna. We then made a necklace out of these styrofoam balls, cut them in half and put gems and glitter on it, then we used the other half for the wand. For the wand we used a wand we already had and added the the half of the ball and added gems and glitter again. We cut out pieces of paper, coloured them blue, added glitter, stuck them on, then wrapped the wand in silver pipe cleaners. Then we found an old crown and stuck gems on again a lot of glitter and gems as you can see. I went as Elphaba and Brianna went as Glinda.



There are 20 types of bumblebee in Ireland, some very common and some are endangered. Look closely at the next one you see and try to remember distinctive traits.
A bumblebee can sting but it is very unlikely, they are not aggressive and only do so if they feel their life is in danger, so don't upset them!
A Feeding Bumblebee