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Christmas Visit

Today, 6th class and the trad group visited Esker Lodge to play and sing for the residents.
The children had all made cards that they gave out to the delight of the recipients!
 The pupils had a great time, they chatted to the residents and before we left, Naiomi gave sweets, coke and biscuits as a thank you.

Ms Kennedy

On Friday we had a farewell mass for Ms. Kennedy who has now retired from teaching.
We will all miss her very much.
Some of our class presented her with gifts they made specially for her.

Spelling Bee

We have entered a Spelling competition in the hope of finding Ireland's best speller in our own classroom!
We better start practicing :)
Have a look at this website

The Anne Frank Tree

During the 2 years that Anne Frank spent in hiding in the secret annexe, through a window in the attic that was not blacked out, Anne could see the sky, birds and the chestnut tree. She wrote about the tree in her diary “Our chestnut tree is in full bloom. It’s covered with leaves and is even more beautiful than last year.”
The tree which was Anne's only link to the world of nature, has now sadly fallen.
Read more about it here...