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Hata do Bello

FĂ©ach ar Bello anois!

Cross Stitch

Chloe has just finished her pretty flowers!
Ally and Connor are now finished their cross stitch.
How cute are their pictures?

James and Jack have finished their cross stitch creatures!
Good work boys :)

Siobhan is teaching 2nd class how to cross stitch.
Aisling is the first to finish and her mum framed her work.
We think it's fantastic!

Ava and Evan have just finished their cross stitch pictures.
They worked very hard to make them..

Well done Evan and Ava!

look at our bodies moving!

First Confessions

The boys and girls of 2nd class will be recieving the Sacrament of Reconciliation next Monday, 11th April in the Cathedral at 8 p.m.
To help prepare as well as possible, the children should know the Act of Sorrow and the Confiteor ( I confess).
These prayers are in the prayerbook given out earlier in the year.
Here is a link to this prayer if you cannot find your book.
The Confiteor


We have started learning our multiplication tables today.
Already Dylan  and Aisling know their 2 times tables!
Here is a link to a game that will help you to understand how to use multiplication.