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Maths Eyes!

5th and 6th class are looking at the world through their "Maths Eyes", looking for evidence of maths in everyday things like roadsigns, houses, shops etc.
Look out for different ways maths is used, e.g shape, 2D or 3D, angles, directions, measures, fractions, decimals, time and so on.
You will be amazed at all the ways we use maths!
You can email any photos you take to teacher's school account.
Have a look at a Dublin Maths Eyes site and see some examples that children found.
In order to challenge you a little bit more, you could prepare some questions to ask your classmates! (try to include 1 or 2 tricky ones!)

Those bits of fluff....

After Ms. White's interesting lesson regarding water conservation and the water cycle, clouds became a subject of discussion today.
5th and 6th came up with a mind-boggling range of questions (as usual!!)

What makes the clouds?
If water is heavier than air then how can clouds stay in the sky?
Where do clouds go?
If precipitation falls from clouds, then does water freeze as it falls to make snow or when does snow/hail/sleet occur?
Are some clouds higher or lower than others?
What cloud type do we mostly get in Ireland?

If you find any cloud-related information or websites, let us know please!

15th century

After listening to the story behind "Praying Hands" by Albrecht Durer, there was some debate in class today about the 15th century.
Follow some of these links to find out more about this time.
Christopher Colombus
Leonardo Da Vinci
Albrecht Durer
15th Century map of Ireland
Tudor Ireland  (into the 16th century but close enough!)

Bain triail as!

Seo cluichí as Gaeilge.
Bain triail astu!
an t-ainm briathartha


There is great excitement at school following auditions for Honk Junior, the musical we will be performing along with Billis.
Jenny and Adam came to listen to the boys and girls sing and read for them.
They will then allocate roles so rehearsals can begin!
Good luck to all who tried out for a part :)

Irish Dancing

Today, Victoria showed us why she has won so many medals and trophies for Irish dancing.
She performed a hard reel for the class which we all thought was fantastic!

Thanks Victoria. We hope you continue to dance for a long time to come!

Independent Learning:

5th and 6th class pupils are encouraged to learn and discover outside of the classroom and outside of teacher's instructions. This independent learning can then be shown/explained/demonstrated to other pupils in the class.
We already have had several examples;
Illia made a video explaining how to download Scratch (computer programming software that we are having great fun with!) 
He also gave a demo this afternoon in how to select a "sprite" and how to move them about the screen.Thanks Illia!

Oisin loved the video clip of Felix Baumgartner skydiving last Monday. Felix wanted to break world records with his incredible jump.
Oisin made a model of the earth with a minature Felix in descent past the stars! Very impressive :)
Emma is a keen gymnast, and she loved the London Olympics this summer. She made a chart detailing Irish gymnast Kieran Behan's bravery and the top scores for womens gymnastics.
Hopefully we will be cheering Emma in Olympics of the future!

New games to try!

I have added lots of new links to interesting websites.
Some of the games are real puzzlers!
Good luck :)

What in the world is money?
International Trade
Tomb of the unknown mummy
Animal Classification

Mad for Maths!

We have been tackling some tricky maths problems lately, and attempting to explain our logic and thinking.
To help strengthen our maths knowledge, we have signed up for Maths Week Ireland, where we will be participating in maths activities.
There will be a national competition to see who can spot maths in daily life; more details in school soon.
Using the Manga High password you recieved, try out some of their challenges.
Manga High

Hot steppers!

Pupils in my classroom have each recieved a pedometer as part of the "Global Children's Challenge".
Each day we will record how many steps each pupil took the previous day.
The global daily average is 15,000!!
That's alot of steps so get out and get moving!
Here is the link to the official website to find out more....

Eggy issues!

Lindsay went to market with a basket of eggs.
She sold half of her eggs and half an egg to her first customer.
She sold half of the remainder and half an egg to her second customer.
She sold half of her remaining eggs and half an egg to her third customer.
At close of market, Lindsay had 9 eggs left.
How many did she have to start with?
(clue: the eggs were not hard-boiled!!)

The Lorax

The Lorax is a children's book written by Dr. Seuss and first published in 1972.
It chronicles the plight of the environment and the Lorax, who speaks for the trees against the greedy Once-ler.
Have a look at the Lorax Project below to see how we can all help the Lorax!
Your first project will be to create a diorama from the story.
More information will be given in class......

The Lorax Project

Here are our dioramas! Hope you like them :)

Back to school!

School restarts on Monday, and I look forward to seeing you all again! I hope you all had a lovely summer and enjoyed the holidays.
For all our past pupils who are starting secondary school, I hope you all will be very happy in your new schools and with your new and old friends!

best wishes, Ms Wynne

Farewell 6th class

Today is a very special day for our 6th class.
They have completed their primary education and will move on to secondary school in September.
We say a fond farewell to all 6th class pupils, and we send them our best wishes for their future.

Slan agus beannacht rang a se.....

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

(old Irish Blessing)
Warren, here's something I hope you'll enjoy!


RTE here we come!

Adam Kelly wins Ulster Spelling Bee Final
Congratulations to Adam in 5th class who won the provincal final of the Eason's Spelling Bee.
The last event of the competition will be held in the RTE studios tomorrow and 5th and 6th classes are all travelling to Dublin to show support to our super speller!
We have a very early start (bus leaves at 6.45 a.m!!) Pupils should bring lunch.
We expect to be back at school for hometime.
The contest will be live on air so we hope you all listen in and cheer Adam on from Cavan!
Have a look at news2day to see how we got on....
6th class have just enjoyed their last Killygarry N.S school tour.
With 5th class, we travelled to The Ulster American Folk Park in Omagh.
Have a look at how we got on!
The hens, chicks, ducks and ducklings (and boys!) roamed around the farmyard of the original cabin.

The hearth fireplace of the original cabin. Cooking was done with the pots and flatirons that hung from the crook. We tasted pancakes that had been baked here this morning!

Outside the Weaver's cottage, we saw the fleeces that had been dyed and hung out to dry.
Cait had a go at carding the wool, then we watched the weaver work the loom and the spinning wheel.

At the forge, we met the blacksmith and watched as he showed us how he could turn iron into any of the number of things people of the day needed.
He had a curious use for the water that was used to cool the irons. (ask Dara!)

At the old schoolhouse, we met the Mistress and she showed us why pupils had to "toe the line", and where the phrase "wipe the slate clean" came from.
School wasn't compulsory and there was often up to 60 children in the one room!

Before we left for America, the boys paid a visit to the local post office....
 while the girls headed off to the local snug for a little tipple!

Some of the boys considered signing up for the job of deckhands on board the "Brig Union", which transported passengers to the "New World"
Conditions onboard were quite poor, and the journey took up to 12 weeks

When we arrived in Baltimore, we visited the local general store, where all sorts of supplies were available.
The boys were particularly taken with the exchange rate and the price of the hunting gun on display.
Thankfully they couldn't afford it!

After a great day, the girls enjoyed much merriment at the back of the bus before realising that their last trip had come to an end............

Dictionaries at the ready!

5th and 6th classes, you all have been doing very well at finding new and difficult words in the dictionary.
Look at the website link to do some multiple choice questions.
How many can you get right?
Try to remember some of the harder ones to quiz each other on in class next week!
vocabulary games

Nestbox updates

Paul, our chief birder, has been keeping a diary of the comings and goings in the nestbox.
Look at our bird blog to find out what is happening......

Food Dudes

At Killygarry N.S we encourage children to eat healthily.
Several years ago we ran a very successful Food Dudes programme, where pupils recieved portions of fruit and vegetables daily.
We are reintroducing this programme for the younger classes. This will commence next Monday.
Senior pupils will help organise and implement the programme, as well as setting a good example by continuing to eat fruit and veg each day.
Have a look at the website for information, ideas for lunchboxes as well as games for little ones!


Earth Day

Earth Day is being celebrated globally on Sunday 22nd April.
It is an opportunity for us all to examine how our lifestyle and behaviour impacts on the envoironment.
At Killygarry N.S, we are celebrating Earth Day on Friday 20th.
Every teacher has signed up to "Earth Hour", where all electrical devices will be turned off for the duration.
We will be planting a hazel tree given to us by Orla in 5th class.
We will also be planting flowers and shrubs that will attract birds, bees and butterflies to our garden.
5th and 6th class pupils will be visiting classrooms to talk to the children about how they can make a difference at home and at school.
We will have a cakesale to raise some funds to buy birdseed to encourage garden birds also.
We hope it will be an informative and enjoyable day!

Look at the official website to find out more

Photos and reviews of the day to follow....


We have our nestbox ready to go again this year, and today we got to see a blue tit checking out its potential as a nesting site.

We really hope she chooses it!
Check out the link above to see how we fared last year.