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Those bits of fluff....

After Ms. White's interesting lesson regarding water conservation and the water cycle, clouds became a subject of discussion today.
5th and 6th came up with a mind-boggling range of questions (as usual!!)

What makes the clouds?
If water is heavier than air then how can clouds stay in the sky?
Where do clouds go?
If precipitation falls from clouds, then does water freeze as it falls to make snow or when does snow/hail/sleet occur?
Are some clouds higher or lower than others?
What cloud type do we mostly get in Ireland?

If you find any cloud-related information or websites, let us know please!

15th century

After listening to the story behind "Praying Hands" by Albrecht Durer, there was some debate in class today about the 15th century.
Follow some of these links to find out more about this time.
Christopher Colombus
Leonardo Da Vinci
Albrecht Durer
15th Century map of Ireland
Tudor Ireland  (into the 16th century but close enough!)

Bain triail as!

Seo cluichí as Gaeilge.
Bain triail astu!
an t-ainm briathartha


There is great excitement at school following auditions for Honk Junior, the musical we will be performing along with Billis.
Jenny and Adam came to listen to the boys and girls sing and read for them.
They will then allocate roles so rehearsals can begin!
Good luck to all who tried out for a part :)

Irish Dancing

Today, Victoria showed us why she has won so many medals and trophies for Irish dancing.
She performed a hard reel for the class which we all thought was fantastic!

Thanks Victoria. We hope you continue to dance for a long time to come!