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Junior astronomers

In astronomy, a constellation is a pattern formed by prominent stars which are near to one another in the night sky. There are different constellations in the northern and southern hemisphere.Visibility of constellations will depend on the time of year, time of night and of course, on weather conditions. The weblinks attached have some good visuals of constellations and what you can expect to see in the sky each night. 5th and 6th each picked a constellation and created art work based on the myth or image associated with it. 
Stories of the Skies

Orinthology (birdwatching!)

In spring, the birds are becoming more active and we can hear their singing from very early each morning. We are going to learn about a different bird each week and pupils will be asked to keep an eye and ear open (better still, keep 2 eyes and ears open!).
Look at our bird blog to find out what bird to spot this week. 
All pupils are welcome to post sightings and descriptions!

Competition time!

Have a look at these websites and see how you can win prizes!
An Post schoolbag

Start your World Maths Day account as well,
World Maths Day

Watch this space!!

Fun before Lent!

As Lent approaches, we are going to look at how some countries prepare for this time in the church calendar.
In some places, the days before Lent have become internationally renowned festivals!
Look at the links below to see how it is celebrated.


Snow is falling...

6th class took some time out of their busy schedule for a bit of team building!!
5th were too busy throwing snowballs to get theirs finished :)