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Footballing heroes!

This year Cavan u21s made it to the All-Ireland semi final were they lost by 1 point to a very strong Cork team. Cavan beat Monaghan in their first game and they beat Down in the Ulster semi-final .they went on and beat Donegal in the Ulster final. 
My brother was on the team (Shane). In this photo Barry, Niall and I got a photo with corner forward Jack Brady.

By Eoin
Our pupils have a huge variety of hobbies.
Some are more unusual than others. 
Illia is very interested in aeroplanes and their flight paths.
He created a project around different models of planes and the seating plans and degrees of luxury they contained.
Here is a link to his favourite site where you can see every plane that is in the air and where in the world it is at this moment!!
Thomas loves to participate in archery. He practices regularly and takes part in events.
Here is the official website for the organisation.
If you have a hobby you would like to tell us about, send a message!

The Celts

The Celts were a people who spread from central Europe to Spain, Britain and Ireland among other places.
They had discovered how to use iron and so were able to make many advancements in farming and weaponry.
They have left us with many relics of their era including jewellery, crosses, art, stories and ring forts.

In class we have been looking at all the placenames in Ireland that start with rath or lios.
This means that there was an earthen ring fort in that area.
Names with cashel or cahir indicate that there was a stone ring fort there once upon a time.
The Celts developed an early form of writing called Ogham which was hewn into stone.
There are still examples of this in Ireland.
Find out more about Celts and share it with us!


is a link to a famous Celtic story about a cattle raid..