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Chess challenge!

Ryan presented the class with a challenge this week.
Taking a chess set and 8 pawns, imagine they are all Queens and can move as Queens do, place them on the chessboard so that they cannot capture each other.

By the way, you have 5 minutes!

Eggciting stuff!!

Today, 6th class had to try some team-building (and hopefully not-egg-breaking!) activities.
They had 20 mins to construct a craft to drop an egg from a height.
The Media team got off to an enthusiastic and chaotic start.
Last minute alterations saw them celebrating the safe landing of their egg!

The Presentation girls had great fun trying different strategies.
As Sarah had to go to quiz practice, it was decided to leave their drop until tomorrow.
Unfortunately the relocation of the egg to a "safe" place was unsuccessful and Chloe was left mopping up!

Our Finance and Legal team got busy and were creative in their attemptJohn took control of the drop, alas another egg eggsploded!
Sorcha and Paul were focused from the start and were confident of a successful outcome, however, the eggcitement was too much for Paul who turned the launch upsidedown prior to release, thus smashing their  chances. 

So, the remaining team, Sales and Marketing seemed relaxed and confident in their task.
After Oisín released their creation, there was much tension as David carefully opened it to eggsamine the results. Much cheering ensued as a perfectly intact egg was revealed!

Who's who!

Sarah and Chloe are our "Presentation" team, and will be the faces of R.I.O.T!
Our "Finance and Legal" team are responsible for investment, contracts, financial control and negotiations.
They are Eimear, Ryan, Judy, John and Leona.

Our "Media" team are our computer experts. They will record and edit the DVD and make  multiple copies to sell.
They are Shane, Christopher, Jakub, Robert and Nathan.
David, Kornelia, Oisin and James are our "Sales and Marketing" team.
They have to source the raw materials, conduct surveys, present the results, advertise and sell all our products!

Our "Design" team, Sorcha, Paul and Marcus were much too busy designing to stop for a photo.....

JEP Business Visitor

On Friday, we had a visit from Peter Cosgrove who is an entrepreneur here in Cavan.
He talked about how he developed his business and then he gave advice to our budding entrepreneurs!
Here are some of his points:

  • do what interests you; you should get motivation and enjoyment from your career
  • you have to work hard
  • keep costs low, get a good selling price to make a profit
  • business is competitive, it is like a game that you want to win and beat your opponents 
  • go as far as you can in your education
  • go and work for a company for experience
  • go out on your own or with partners
  • go international as soon as possible
  • don't take yourself too seriously, be prepared to accept differing opinions or advice that you might not like
  • be adaptable, things change continuously
  • find out lots about business
  • stay interested