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Weekend Sales..

Some 6th class took to the shops last weekend to sell "R.I.O.T" to the good people of Cavan!
Mary and Ms O'Neill came along to help us as well.
Kaioni and Clodagh from 4th were a great sales team for us!
After 3 and a half hours, we had totally sold out! 
Thank you to everyone who helped out, if you bought one of our products, then thank you too!


                                This is our product R.I.O.T . You will get a bag , a DVD, a cup, a lyrics book and a glow-in-the-dark wristband.
You can choose a green, blue or red cup and a choice of a green, blue, pink, white or purple wristband.
We will be selling extra wristbands for €1 if you buy the package. 
Our product costs € 5.
Sarah (Presentation team)

The Finance and Legal team met with members of the Board of Management and Parents' Association to ask for investment in our product. 
There was some tough negotiations but a deal was struck!

World Book Day 2014