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We are again preparing to participate in a debating competition organised by Monaghan Education Centre.
Have a look at our blog from last year, there are tips and advice, as well as websites to check out.

thenoisyclassroom This website has video clips of children debating, as well as judges giving feedback, so you know what they are looking for.

The topic for next week's debate is "Shops should not display Christmas decorations until December 1st".
Remember to look at the argument from both sides to get a better perspective.


How many mistakes can you find?
Let me know!

Up Killygarry!

To all the boys from 4th and 6th class playing in the Cumann na mBunscol final tomorrow in Breffni Park, good luck- we are very proud of you!

4th class angles!

4th and 5th class are learning all about different types of angles. 
5th are going a step further and are measuring them as well with our new maths instrument, the protractor!
The boys and girls in 4th were keen to make this as interesting as possible for 5th, and came up with the following poses, in an effort to make as many acute, right and obtuse angles as possible!
See how many you can find!

Nature watch!

We have been doing a garden wildlife survey this week. Lots of birds, butterflies and creepy crawlies have been spotted. A few rabbits, hares and foxes have been seen too. Here is a picture of what Josh and Zach saw in their garden.
Well done boys!