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An Cabhán Abú!

Coat of Arms for County Cavan
4th and 5th class are starting some research on Cavan, its geography, history, people, music and culture.
We are learning "The Gallant John Joe", which is about the captain of 2 Cavan All-Ireland winning teams in the 1940s.
Deirbhile brought in some books about Cavan football that have lots of references to that team.

Can you find any information on the following?

-nice places to visit in Cavan
-what activities/sports you can do
-famous people-sporting/musical/arts etc.
-Cavan through history
-placenames and what they mean
-geographical features

Here are a few websites to get you started- remember, sometimes the best way to find out about your county is to talk to people!


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