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Giggles galore!

Laughter is the best medicine as they say, so we tried an experiment to see if artificial laughter could make us really laugh.
The first person had to fake laugh, but soon everyone was rolling around laughing!

Maths fun!

4th and 5th class have been enjoying maths games, activities and puzzles. Look how happy they are to be studying maths!

Visit to Castle Manor

Last Friday, 5th and 6th classes visited Castle Manor nursing home.
The children brought Christmas cards that they and 4th class had made, the residents were very pleased to get such lovely artwork.
The boys and girls sang carols, then Brianna and Ava played the fiddle. 5th  class sang "The Gallant John Joe", which was very popular with the audience!
The boys and girls spent some time introducing themselves to the residents and having chats with them, then they were treated to drinks, biscuits and selection boxes as a thank you!


Liorah, Aoibheann and Ashling knitted lots of hats for The Innocent Big Knit 2014. We used wool, knitting needles and pom-poms. They are for a charity called Age Action for helping the old people. It supplies them with oil, coal and food for the winter. The hats may be small, but they're important, because they raise money to help keep older people warm, safe and well in winter. When you buy a hat, 30 cent gets donated to the charity. Age Action have all ready raised over € 100,000!

Well done girls for helping such a worthy cause :)

Children should not have mobile phones!

It's official!
According to our victorious debate team, children shouldn't have mobile phones!
Brianna explained how children can be victims of cyberbullying through their phones; Aisling told us that germs on phones are dirtier than toilet seats (YUCK!) and James did some maths and figured that it would be cheaper to take a holiday to Florida than to have a phone with its accessories and apps.
St. Feilim's N.S Baileboro gave some very good arguments as to why children should be tech savvy and independent. The adjudicators listened carefully then after serious deliberation announced Killygarry the winners! We would like to thank our opponents for being worthy competitors and for travelling to our school to participate. We wish them lots of success in debating in the future.