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Alberto Giacometti

Here are some facts about Alberto Giacometti, the Swiss painter and sculptor.
  • Alberto Giacometti was born on 10th October 1901 in Borgonovo, Switzerland (near to the Italian border).
  • He moved to Paris in 1922 and studied with the sculptor Antoine Bourdelle.
  • Giacometti’s work started to be influenced by cubism and surrealism.
  • His sculptures of the human form became larger, thinner and more elongated as the years passed by.
  • He once said that he wasn’t sculpting the human body but rather the shadow it cast.
  • Giacometti died in 1966. 
  •  He is buried in Borgonovo, his birthplace, close to his parents.
  • In 2000 one of Giacometti’s bronze sculptures, the lifesize L’Homme qui marche I, sold for about £65 million.
  • Alberto Giacometti had three brothers and sisters and they were often the inspiration for his sculptures and paintings.
Here is our interpretations of bodies in motion!

We are hoping to make as much for our sculptures as Giacometti did, so if anyone wants to buy our art, the average price is 65 million euro. 
Cash only please....

Music news..

On the 1st of February, 4th, 5th and 6th classes will perform in the RDS along with the Crossborder Orchestra.
We have been learning about the different sections of the orchestra and looked up some really cool websites that let you play around with music!
Students from The Cavan Institute visited today with their teacher, Ms Sue Donohoe. They played a game with the class about graphic notation, as well as showing us a variety of instruments that they brought with them. One student from Brazil showed us samba dancing!
SanFrancisco Orchestra

5th class in stitches!

5th class were very insistent they get an opportunity to practice the Laughter Experiment that 4th tried out.
Here are the results!