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On your bike!

On Wednesday, Halfords came in to talk about bike safety. They showed us how to take off the chains off a bike and put them back on without hurting your fingers. They also showed us how to take out the tube and see if there is a puncture in the tube. They also taught us about the gears, seat, pedals, handlebars and front wheels.They call it the M check.
It is important to have lights because if you are riding your bike at night or in the evening the lights on your bike reflect on your bike and the driver will see you.You should have six lights on your bike.

Our Day With The Bugs

On Tuesday, Heather Bothwell came in and showed us some tadpoles that she got from a drain. Callum found a newt and Deirbhile found one too. Clodagh and Kate found a shrimp in with the tadpoles. It started to rain so we went inside. Heather showed us some rocks from our own school and can you guess how old that Killygarry's rocks are? They're 460 million years old , that's older than the dinosaurs!!! The rocks in Killygarry church has fossils in them so next time you go to mass try and spot them. When we were done looking at the rocks she showed us some animals that she found on  the side of the road, she got them stuffed by a taxidermist. There was an otter, a pine martin , a red squirrel and a sparrowhawk. We learned a lot more about rocks and animals than ever before.

Stellar Drop Survival Kits!

On Friday the children were presented with the following alarming message!

The planet Omicron Persei 8 is in need of desperate supplies
The ruler ‘Lrrr’ has asked for your help in delivering some ‘Space Eggs’
The only problem is the landing gear on our ship is broke. You will have to develop a stellar drop survival kit so they don’t break on impact. You may use the following materials:

small bin liner
Cotton wool
paper towel
1 ‘space egg’