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We are in stitches! :)

On Thursday we started to knit. Kate and Sinead came to teach us. Sinead taught the back table and Kate taught the left hand side table. I went on Kate’s table she started me off and taught me how to knit.  We are also doing French knitting and the tree that is outside our classroom we are yarn bombing.


Who wants a puzzle piece?

Try this puzzle and post your answer or tell me quietly at school!

Lyric F.M in Killygarry

We were thrilled to be hosts to this quartet of musicians from Lyric F.M yesterday. They played a selection of classical pieces; from Vivaldi, Pachelbel and Mozart to Strauss and Saint Saens. 
Gerry (the cello player) told us how he came to be a cellist; and we learned how to sing the Lyric jingle: s  d  l  f   r   s  t  d
The instruments played were, the flute, the keyboard, the violin, the viola and the cello (with a short surprise piece on the ukulele!)
Boys and girls and teachers from 3rd to 6th class were entertained for nearly an hour before we had to say goodbye and help them pack up (thanks 6th class girls!) 
We sent them away with the beautiful banner that you can see in the video: 6th class made it specially and we hope they will hang it somewhere special!


Can you spot anything odd about this?
(there's a puzzle piece to be won here 6th!)

The Steadfast Tin Soldier

For the past few weeks 6th class have been busy making Tin Soldiers. Here are some pictures.

get buzzing...



We will have an observation hive in school next week. Look at these websites to find out some info before they come!

Tour of Europe!

Busy Bee travelled with Nina and Adam this summer. Look at all the amazing adventures they had together!

They went to see Santa in Rowaniemi,Lapland,Finland

Then they visited  Legoland in London, then Switzerland, after that to Pisa, Venice and Tuscany, Italy.