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We took our pledge in the cathedral on Saturday the 26th of February. We are promising to not drink alcohol until we are eighteen years of age.
We got wristbands from Jenny and they say 'READY...STEADY...WAIT!!'
This means that we should wait and think before we drink alcohol.

By : Aoibheann, Shane and Luke


Rinne Séan, Ashleigh agus Emma pancóga inniu.
Féach ar an oideas agus an modh seo a leanas.

100g plúr
2 uibheacha
300ml bainne
1 spúnóg óla
Gráinnín salann


1. Measc bainne  agus dhá uibheacha le chéile.
2. Measc an plúr agus salann í mbabhla.
3. Chuir le chéile iad de réir le chéile í mbabhla.

ó Oscar

Projectile corks!

6th class were presented with their latest STEM challenge: (science/technology/engineering and maths)

They had to construct a free-standing catapult capable of launching a cork.
The groups would then compete to see which cork would be fired the farthest.

The only permitted materials were...

  • large and small lollipop sticks (10 altogether)
  • rubber bands (6 or fewer)
  • binder clip (1)
  • clothes peg (1)
  • spoon 

NASA egg drop challenge!

6th class were presented with a NASA challenge today.
It was used by NASA to demonstrate the challenges of soft landing a spacecraft on Mars.
The class were given an egg (raw), some basic materials and the instructions that they  had to be able to drop the egg from a variety of heights and the egg should remain unbroken.
After 40 minutes, the parachutes and egg were ready....
I think the photos tell the story!

 Team SDCD

 Team DCLS
(Destructive Clever Lucky Spaceship)
 Team Pluto
Team "The Denominator"

 Team "The Eggifier"

and the results???

 Luke bade his team's egg a military farewell!