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This is my cardboard challenge product. It is a TV an XBOX a WII U and a coffee
 table and other stuff like hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. The couch is comfy. I got my idea from a big box I brought in to make something for the cardboard challenge. I liked making this a lot. I'm happy with my final product.

Kate's air hockey table

I made an air hockey table out of lots of cardboard, lollipop sticks, paint, cocktail sticks, scissors/knife and a hot glue gun. It is suitable for all ages. It was pretty easy to make if you have the right equipment. I really enjoyed making it.
Two people play and each player gets a piece to hit the puck with. If you score five times you win. If it is a draw you can also do penalties. You keep going until you win.             Kate  

Egg drop

Always a favourite activity in 6th class, the egg drop challenge involves creating a carrier for an egg to be dropped from various heights. The children were restricted to basic materials: a plastic sheet, newspaper, felt, straws, tape and string.
Some creations were more successful than others,  Frank the egg did particularly well (ask Craig and Darragh!

whistle this...

6th class have to learn to whistle this piece of music that was made famous in the film, "Bridge on the River Kwai"
Not only are you learning to repeat the tune you hear, but you are also practicing a very old musical form.
One psychologist actually claims that whistling is good for you because it calms your brain down; acting in much the same way as a release valve!
So, get whistling and earn a puzzle piece while you are at it!

Cardboard Challenge accepted!

6th class got busy with cardboard today; and after crawling in and out of the boxes a few times they started to construct. Check back to read what each team or individual made....

Creative with cardboard!

Watch this video to see how creative one boy got with cardboard boxes!
Start collecting cardboard and have a think about what you might make; try to come up with your own ideas, think about what you are interested in and make some plans.