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Hallowe'en in 6th class

metal making

Metal making was so much fun. We had to pour the metal into the mould to make three characters from the  tin-soldier story. The tin soldier with one leg, the ballerina and the heart from the melted soldier.

To make the characters you had to
Step 1: Use the sponge to dust the mould so the metal doesn't stick.
Step 2: Tap the mould of the table to get excess off.
Step 3: Put the wooden plates on the outside of the mould with the rough side out.
Step 4: Place the clamps on it.
Step 5: Melt the metal in the ladle.
Step 6: Test it is hot enough using the stirrer. You will know it is hot enough when smoke is coming off the stirrer.
Step 7: Pour the metal into the mould.
Step 8: Tap the mould gently of the table to remove any air bubbles.
Step 9: Remove the clamps and the wooden plates after about 5 minutes and open up the mould. WARNING: it still might be hot.
Step 10: Remove the spare metal with some pliers.
WARNING: Be careful, they are sharp!

Kate and Christopher's weekend achievements!

I won this on Saturday. I am in  the Seán Maguire Céilí Band. We came first in the Cavan fleadh and third in the Ulster fleadh 2017. There was a concert on Saturday and our Céilí Band had to play at it and when it was over we got awarded with a trophy,congratulating everyone in the band.

I won this trophy on Saturday. I did a triathlon and came third in my age group. I did a 120m swim, 6km bike and a 1.2km run. The medal I won was a finishers medal and the trophy was for 1st ,2nd and 3rd  in each age group. there was 14 in my wave [wave 3]. The race was in Tallaght , Dublin. I really liked the race.

The Automated Orchestra

5th and 6th classes are delighted to be going to ‘The Automated Orchestra’, by Robbie Perry this Friday.
This event is in the Town Hall, Cavan and is sure to be interesting.

Look at this website to find out more... townhallcavan