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metal making

Metal making was so much fun. We had to pour the metal into the mould to make three characters from the  tin-soldier story. The tin soldier with one leg, the ballerina and the heart from the melted soldier.

To make the characters you had to
Step 1: Use the sponge to dust the mould so the metal doesn't stick.
Step 2: Tap the mould of the table to get excess off.
Step 3: Put the wooden plates on the outside of the mould with the rough side out.
Step 4: Place the clamps on it.
Step 5: Melt the metal in the ladle.
Step 6: Test it is hot enough using the stirrer. You will know it is hot enough when smoke is coming off the stirrer.
Step 7: Pour the metal into the mould.
Step 8: Tap the mould gently of the table to remove any air bubbles.
Step 9: Remove the clamps and the wooden plates after about 5 minutes and open up the mould. WARNING: it still might be hot.
Step 10: Remove the spare metal with some pliers.
WARNING: Be careful, they are sharp!


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