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Board games

monopoly is a game that 1 to 8 people can play .you can get other monopoly games this is the man united one. I brought in to play with my friends . the rules are if you land on a player you can buy him if you have the money just to say ronaldo is 240 pounds
so if you land on home you get a home card if you land on away you get a away card
i have this game 2 years i hope you had in joyed this information thank you.

I brought in Scattegories, How you play this is you all get a page with three columns, then you role a dice with letters on it and lets say you land on D then you have a list with different questions e.g Famous women, things that are cold, TV shows there are 12 questions. Then at the end of the round you all correct your answers and none of you can have the same answers. Then you add up all the points and see who won.

 Today me and the people at desk played Monopoly Disney and Pixar Edition. it's just like regular Monopoly only with characters and themes from popular kids movies. How you play it is everyone starts with €1,500 and then you go around the board buying appliances and making more money.


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