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Friday fun!

We get oral language homework every Thursday; and this week we had to play board games at home.
Some of 6TH. class brought in games to share with their group; they had to explain the rules and play the game with their classmates; a nice end to our first week back!

I brought in "Headbanz". To play the game you have get a headband and put it on your head. Without looking, place a card in the little slot on the headband. Everyone takes it in turns to ask a question. Such as 'am I an animal?', 'am I edible?', 'can I be worn?'. When you guess the answer right you can get a different card from the pile.

My board game is called Labyrinth. It is a game where you have to find treasure in a maze, but the maze is constantly moving and changing! One moment there might be a straight path to your treasure but in one move you might be trapped in a walls! The winner is the player that finds all their treasure first. We all really enjoyed playing this game and I would highly recommend anyone to play it.

I brought in "The Big Bang Theory" Cluedo board game. It's like normal Cluedo except it has little twists from the show. Its board  players and items are all different. It's about a character called Sheldon who has been betrayed by one of his friends and you need to find out who, the place and the act of betrayal. 
I really enjoyed playing it.

The game I brought in was a game called "Tipping Point". 
This is a quiz game where if you get a question you put a counter in to the machine in hope of winning                                                                       money. I like this game.                                                                                                                                             


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