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Mini Basket Ball By Aoife

I made mini basket ball.It took one day to make.The aim is to shoot the ball into the basket using the catapult.I was going to make an obstacle course for my dog,Riley but she ate the cardboard and ran away with the toilet roll tubes in her mouth,s I decided to make mini basket ball.I made the catapult using seven lolly pop sticks two rubber bands and a little hot glue and glued a big enough bottle cap to the end so the bouncy balls can fit in. I also put barriers on the sides so the ball doesn't go out I'd say it's 3/5 on hardness level but all the same it's good fun, ENJOY!

Polar bear

                                        I  made a bear for the cardboard challenge.
                                        He has no name.He is a polar bear.
                                       He took about 6 days to make.
First I made his front,paws then his head.After that 
I did his body ears and last but not least the back legs.

By Kaitlyn 


                                         THIS IS OUR WIDE VARIETY OF SWEETS                                                                    
                                      THIS IS HOW YOU ENTER YOUR SWEET CODE
                                THIS IS WHAT OUR VENDING MACHINE LOOKS LIKE  
                                     THIS  IS WHERE YOU COLLECT YOUR SWEETS  
                                                      THIS IS THE NAME     

Ellas pinball machine

                                          I made a pinball arcade game, it took me 4 days.
                                          I used tolet roll tubes, hot glue, red paint and cardboard.
                                      To win you must drop the ball down the card space at the top
                                        and try to get the highest points as possible.
                                                                     by ella

Blowing futsal

This is are futsal table.It took 5 days to make . 
The rules for the game are you have to try and blow the ball in the net. It is a 4  player  game the first person to get up to 5 goals. You can also play by hitting the ball with the straw
We made the lines with white paint and the nets with orange netting we use marbles and straws to play.    
This was made by Orla and Lauren
Come play this next week 

Aisling's Football Table

                                          I made a football table. It took me 4 days to make.
                                          It took a while to find the right kind of box and to find
                                          some nets. I brought the ping pong balls and the clothes
                                          pegs from home.
                                          First I found a box and painted the base of it green, then
                                          I hot glued some straws together, after that I painted
                                          white lines for goals and attached the clothes pegs on and
                                          hot glued the nets on.


KER SPLEEF is a luck based game made by Jonathan and Rowan. It is made from a cardboard box with wooden skewers poked through. It took three days to make. It was pretty easy. We just needed a tall,strong box and a lot of skewers . What you have to do is put in your cube you cant see in the box whoevers cube drops first they win you don't  know if you knocked down your own cube or the other persons  

Poppin' Pirates by Ahmed, Liam and Darragh (:

The aim of the game is to shoot all the pirates as they 'pop'up and down.
There will be 1 person controlling the pirates at the back and someone at the front shooting them with a slingshot, the first to shoot 5 pirates win.
Sadly Ahmed's slingshot broke as it was pulled back too far
Overall it is a perfect game for all ages.It also has great reviews 10/10 says a random person  100% rotten tomatoes 5/5 Amazon     
It took 3 days to make this.
And the best thing is next week you can come and play this!!!
terms and conditions apply. you may need to pay money to play this

Doireann and Graces sweet machine


This is our sweet machine.It took us three days to make it and two days to design.The first step we put masking tape on the cardboard box then we painted it with white paint.Then we cut holes in the box and started to design the box.The first thing we designed the the coin  hole and the twister Doireann designed the coin hole Grace designed the twister.We made the catapult out of cardboard ,rubber bands , paint, and hot glue ./ AND THERE IS REAL SWEETS /

Vending machine

I used four boxes for this project.I also used two plastic tube and cellophane .I started with the first box i cut it up and used it for a place where the bottle goes and made coins out of it .The second box is where i put the place for the bottle and it is in the third box.In the third box also there was a plastic tube were the money goes also i made an incision for the people to put the money in .The fourth box is at the back it is were the other plastic tube is and it pushes the bottle out on to .The platform were the people can get the bottle this project took two days to make.

The Yellow Submarine

I decided to make a house for my cats that looks like The Beatles yellow submarine. Through the holes in the front you can see The Beatles faces and the cats can use them to get in and out. There is a second floor which the cats can access using a hole inside the submarine. From there the cats can play with a toy dangling from the periscope which is covered in a special string that cats love to scratch. I have already tested it and my cats love it and when I bring it home they'll probably scratch it to bits immediately.

                                                   CARDBOARD CLOCK by Ryan
I made this clock by cutting a long cardboard box into around 14 parts.
First I cut a section of the cardboard to make a hole so you can see the pendulum.
Then I cut some cardboard so you can see the clock battery.
Then I bought a clock and dismantled it.
Then i stuck the clock battery at the back with hot glue.
Then I poked a hole through the cardboard so I could attach the clock hands.
Then I made a top with cardboard and hot glue.
I made the bottom with four diagonal cut pieces of cardboard.