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African clothes

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On Monday I brought in some clothes from Nigeria because we are doing a project about Africa. I brought in a boys and a girl clothes. I try the girls clothes on Shauna and the boys clothes on Orla. We went to all the classes and showed them the clothes. In Nigeria we wear clothes like ero, buba and abada. The abada is for the boys and the ero and buba is for girls. We were this clothes to party, church and wedding and you can also were it in your house if you want. There are different types of language in Nigeria. And all the languages are Ebo, Yoroba and Awosa. My language is Yoroba and the food we it is eba, amala and pounded yam. But thats just the traditional food. We don’t all wear the same clothes and eat the same food. I don’t really know the food that Ebo eat. But I know the food that Awosa eat they eat towo. Nigeria is a really fun place to be in. You will love it and the money is much cheaper than Ireland money.

Hiring Fairs

In class, we read an excerpt from The Hiring Fair  by Elizabeth O'Hara.
Thankfully this doesn't happen now, but maybe some older relatives would have some information about these fairs.
Ask at home and post any news here.

Whatever the weather...

5th and 6th class
You are learning about the weather, and in particular the instruments for measuring weather and how this inforrmation can be recorded.
The group challenge issued to you is to design an anemometer from simple materials that will give a basic reading of wind speed.
Here are some websites that will help you understand the elements of weather better.
have fun

Holy Rosary Convent

Today we visited the sisters of the Holy Rosary convent in Cavan.
We met with Sr. Kitty, Sr. Phyllis, Sr. Fidelma  and Sr. Frances.
Alix, our photographer took lots of photos of the beautiful stained glass windows in their church.
Next week the pupils will post some information we learned from the sisters, as well as our picures of their windows.

Historical Figures

In class we are learning about various historical figures, from dictators to freedom fighters,  from writers to nurses and everything in between.
Here is a link to a short biography about some of these people and how their actions influenced the world.

Who wants pizza?

At Killygarry we want to promote positive behaviour in and out of the classroom. 
Ms. Prior has promised that the class who gets the most tokens at playtimes in September will win a pizza party!
I think that the boys and girls in my room should set an example for the whole of the school and model good behaviour every day.
(and win the pizza party- I want pepperoni!)

Internet safety

The internet is an amazing resource. There is a world of information available at your fingertips. In order to protect yourself and use the internet safely, it is important to be informed. Please follow the link to Webwise and spend some time reading its content.
Happy surfing!