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Genius Hour

Tomorrow we will have our inaugural Genius Hour!
This is a discovery-based learning activity, where the pupils decide what they want to work on and how they are going to proceed.
It is up to them to develop an idea or try to find the answer to a question or create something. 
We are starting in pairs or small groups until we get the hang of it; so tomorrow will see the following
*    how to make scented candles (how much scent to add, how to colour them also)
*    make a new variety of ice-cream (write a recipe, experiment with amounts of various ingredients)
*    why are some people optimistic while others are pessimistic (survey and analysis of results)
*    why do bread soda and vinegar react (and can other ingredients affect them?)
*    create new recipe for buns (write recipe and try it out)
*    how do remote control cars work? (take one apart and figure out the workings)

1 or 2 groups didn't get the planning stage finished, don't worry, I have a few ideas up my sleeve for you!
Check back in a few days to see how we got on..


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