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The Railway Children
On Tuesday all of our school went to see The Railway Children. Here is the story of the play.
There once were three children called Bobby, Phyllis and Peter. They lived in London until their father was accused of being a spy. They moved to the countryside to a small cottage near the railway track. The children went down to the tracks nearly every day to see the trains. When their mother became sick they wrote a letter asking the old gentleman of the train for stuff to help her and he gave them some. One day while they were near the track a branch fell down and covered it. They quickly made a red flag attached to a branch and tried to stop the train but they weren’t close enough so Bobby bravely ran onto the track and stood in front of the train. It stopped inches away from her and just in front of the tree trunk. They had stopped a major crash. A few weeks later the people of the station held a celebration for them and they all got lovely medals. Just as they were about to leave their father pulled into the



                                             BY: Maria and Clodagh 


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