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Last day.

This is what happens when children get hold of the camera!!

Computer whizzes!

      Arnas and Patrick cleaned a computer and upgraded the operating system.
To fix said computer.
                                                        Before Picture
                                                        After Picture

First of all we took apart the computer to see the internals and to see what we need to clean.

We took off the panel inside the computer to be able to take a better look at the  logic board.

We took off the CPU (Computer Processing Unit) fan and Arnas cleaned the fan.

We cleaned all the dust out of the computer to make it quieter and to make it run better.

When we were done doing that, the next day we took a disk that had Windows  Vista on it and installed that operating system onto the computer.

That process took about 50 minutes to do that.

 A week after that we added a new disk drive into the computer.

Now the computer is better than ever.

What a day!